More Freshwater & Saltwater Arriving Today!

More livestock is flying in to The Studio this morning, take a look at some of the latest additions!

Saltwater Fish
Angels MAC Certified:Lemon Peel :: Fiji
Blennies:Red-Spotted :: South Asia
Blennies:Bicolor :: South Asia
Cardinals Aquacultured:Kaudern’s, Banggai :: South Asia
Clownfish Aquacultured:Percula, Picasso Premium :: East Americas
Tangs:Black Spot Surgeonfish :: Eastern Asia
Tangs:Clown, Lineatus :: Eastern Asia
Tangs:Bristletooth Whitetail Yellow-Eye :: Central Pacific

Captive & Tank Raised Arrived 1/19/2023:
SA Black Darwin L
SA Black – Misbar M
SA Orange M
SA Clarkii – Black S
SA Snowflake Black Extreme M
SA Orange Misbar M
SA Snowflake Black Phantom S
SA Nearly Naked Mochaccino S
SA Nearly Naked Mochaccino S
SA Black Darwin M
SA Orange Storm M
SA Snow Storm Medium
SA Orange Storm Semi S
SA Black Storm Large
SA Black Storm Large
SA Black Storm Large
SA Chocolate Wide-bar M
SA Orange Storm M
SA Black Storm Large
SA Blonde Naso Tang 3.25” – 4.5”

Saltwater Inverts
Crabs, Hermit:Zebra :: West Americas
Shell, Snails:Conehead Algae Eater :: East Americas
Shell, Snails:Spiral Top, Trochus :: West Americas
Shell, Snails:Turbo :: West Americas

Algae Eaters:Burmese Banded/ Panda
Barbs:Rhombo Snakeskin
Bettas:Male Plakat Yellow Koi Galaxy
Catfish:Pygmy Pygmaeus
Cichlids:Frontosa Black Widow
Gobies:Peacock Gudgeon
Puffers:Indian (Pea)
Rainbowfish:Paska’s Red Neon
Tetras:Black Neon
Tetras:Green Fire
Tetras:Neon Albino
Tetras:Rummy Nose

Ghost Shrimp

Freshwater Inverts:
Shrimp:Bloody Mary
Shrimp:Crystal Red
Shrimp:Flower Bamboo Adult
Shrimp:Flower Bamboo Juvenile
Shrimp:Gold Back Yellow Fire
Shrimp:Orange Bee
Shrimp:Orange Sakura
Shrimp:Rili Orange
Snails:Japanese Trapdoor
Snails:Nerite Red Racer
Snails:Nerite Zebra
Snails:Rabbit, Blue
Snails:Rabbit, Golden