New Fresh & Saltwater Fish!

So many awesome fish, inverts, plants, and corals arrived this week. Here’s the full list of what’s new!

Freshwater Fish:
Gold Tetra
Rainbow Shark
Blue Phantom
Long fin German Ram
Rosy Loach
Blue Turquoise Discus
Bumblebee Goby
Lipstick Goby
Neon Blue Stiphodon Goby
Dojo Loach
Panda Loach
Reticulated Hillstream Loach
Cherry Barb Male
Zebra Danio
Glow Light Danio
Emerald Eye Rasbora
Dwarf Checkerboard Cichlid
Geo. Heckelii Lg.
Elec Blue Jack Dempsey
Glass Cats
Albino Cory
Sm. Bushynose Pleco
Clown Stripe Pleco
Ghost Knife – Black
Swordtail – Asst
Black Neon Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Lemon Tetra
Red Eye Monk
Red Phantom
Ruby Tetra
Rummynose Tetra

Freshwater Inverts:
Shrimp – Orange Rili
Shrimp – Crystal Red
Shrimp – Cherry
Assassin Snail
Zebra Nerite Snail

Freshwater Plants:
Hygro Blue
Hygro Pinna
Lloydrella, Golden
Ludwigia, Broad – Dark Red
Ludwigia needle leaf
Ludwigia, ovalis
Dragons Tongue
Parrots Feather
Cardinal Plant
Rotala Red
Grandifolius Sword – XL
Amazon Sword – Md
Chain Sword Narrow
Ruffle Sword Md
Red Flame Sword – LG
Marble Q Radican – Md
Ozelot Red – LG
Val – Contortion Bunch
Val – Italian
Val – Jungle
Banana Plant
Java Fern
Monte Carlo on Mat 3×3
Baby Tears on Mat 3×3
Dwarf Hairgrass on Mat 3×3
Tiger Lotus Bulb
Dwarf Lily
Anubias – Coffefolia – Md
Anubias – Barteri
Anubias – Nana
Anubias – Minima
Anubias – Nancon
Crinum Calamistratum Md
TC:Alternanthera reineckii ‘Rosanervig’ Cup
TC:Alternanthera reineckii Mini Kerala Cup
TC:Cryptocoryne “Flamingo” Cup

Saltwater Fish:
Coral Beauty Angel – Centropyge bispinosus
Flame Angel: Mar. – Centropyge loriculus
Royal Gramma; Atl. – Gramma loreto
Copperband Butterfly – Chelmon rostratus
Orbic (Pajama) Cardinal – Sphaeramia nematoptera
Green Chromis – Chromis viridis
Aiptasia Eating File – Acreichthys tomentosus
Diamond (Sleeper) Goby – Valenciennea puellaris
Green Mandarin Goby – Synchiropus splendidus
Purple Firefish – Nemateleotris decora
Rainfordi Goby – Amblygobius rainfordi
Tiger (Wardi) Goby – Valenciennea wardi
Flame Hawk – Neocirrhites armatus
Longnose Hawk – Oxycirrhites typus
Porcupine Puffer – Diodon holocanthus
Chocolate (Yel.Mimic) Tang – Acanthurus pyroferus
Flame Fin (Tomini) Tang – Ctenochaetus tominiensis
Cleaner Wrasse – Labroides dimidiatus
Green Coris Wrasse – Halichoeres chloroptereus
Angels:Bicolor :: Melanesia
Angels:Blacktail, Red Stripe Eibli :: Eastern Asia
Angels:Yellow :: Eastern Asia
Angels:Cortez Juvenile :: West Americas
Anthias:Randall’s :: Eastern Asia
Anthias:Stocky :: Eastern Asia
Anthias:Stocky Male :: Eastern Asia
Blennies:Pictus :: Eastern Asia
Blennies:Twinspot :: Eastern Asia
Blennies:Sailfin / Algae :: South Asia
Butterflies:Bennett :: Eastern Asia
Cardinals:Striped :: Eastern Asia
Cardinals Aquacultured:Kaudern’s, Banggai :: South Asia
Gobies:Watchman, False Yellow Spotted :: Eastern Asia
Gobies:Firefish Helfrichi :: Central Pacific
Gobies:Sleeper Golden Head :: South Asia
Gobies Aquacultured:Yashia :: East Americas
Hogs:Lyretail :: Africa / Red Sea
Rabbitfish:Foxface :: Eastern Asia
Rabbitfish:Foxface, Magnificent :: Eastern Asia
Tangs:Naso Blonde :: South Asia
Tangs:Vlamingii (Juvenile) :: Eastern Asia
Tangs:Blue Hippo, Yellow Belly Juvenile :: Africa / Red Sea
Tangs:Sawtail, Galapagos :: West Americas
Triggers:Red-Toothed :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses:Adornatus Fairy Male :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses:Pink Margin Male Fairy :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses:Red Coris Adult :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses:Radiant :: Africa / Red Sea

Saltwater Inverts:
Arrow Crab; Atl. – Stenorhynchus seticornis
Emerald Crab; Atl. – Dromidiopsis edwardsi
Red Leg Reef Hermit; Pac. – Paguristes sp.
Pistol Shrimp: Tiger – Alpheus sp.
Sexy Shrimp – Periclimenes sp.
Margarita Turbo Snail – Turbo sp.
Nassarius Sand Snail (Small) – Nassarius sp.
Chocolate Chip Star – Protoreaster nodosus
Pin Cushion Urchin – Tripneustes gratilla
Rose Pink Urchin – Lytechinus variegatus
ECC Black Widow Anemone
Crabs, Hermit:Zebra :: Africa / Red Sea
Crabs, Hermit:Blue Leg, Dwarf :: East Americas
Crabs, Hermit:Antler Staghorn :: West Americas
Shell, Snails:Spiral Top, Trochus :: West Americas
Shell, Snails:Turbo :: West Americas
Shrimps:Blood / Fire :: South Asia
Shrimps:Cleaner / Scarlet Skunk :: South Asia
Stars:Sand :: Central Pacific
Stars:Sand, Blue / Pink :: East Americas
Stars:Blue Linckia :: Central Pacific

Duncans Branching 4-6 Headed Colony
Scoly Ultra S
Neon Green with Purple Tip Branching Hammer 6 Headed Colony
Sun Coral Frag
Indo Neon Green Purple Tips Branching Hammer Frag
ECC Miami Hurricane Chalice Frag
ECC Butt Muncher Zoanthid Frag
ECC Sonic Boom Zoanthid Frag
Jason Fox Sunset Stylocoeniella Frag
ECC Volcanic War Palythoa Frag
WWC Skittles Bomb Cyphastrea Frag
Multicolor Candy Cane S

And so much more already available! I’ll see you at The Studio!