Saltwater Update

Greetings Fellow Fish Enthusiasts,

Saltwater Restock! Check out what’s new @ The Studio!

Live Foods:
Ghost Shrimp Dozen
Blackworm Portion 10ml
Live Brine Shrimp

Saltwater Fish:
Diamond (Sleeper) Goby – Valenciennea puellaris
Firefish Goby – Nemateleotris magnifica
Helfrich’s Firefish; Mar. – Nemateleotris helfrichi
Watchman Goby (Pink/Blue Spot) – Cryptocentrus leptocephalus
Yasa Hashe Goby – Stonogobiops sp.
Yellow Clown Goby – Gobiodon okinawae
Dwarf Lion – Dendrochirus zebra
Foxface – Siganus vulpinus
Cleaner Wrasse – Labroides dimidiatus
Emerald Crab; Atl. – Dromidiopsis edwardsi
Neon Blue Stripe Hermit Crab; Mar. – Calcinus elegans
Orange Leg Hermit Crab (Reef Safe) – Ciliopagurus strigatus
Astrea Snail; Atl – Lithopoma tectum
Margarita Turbo Snail – Turbo sp.

Snail – Nassarius Lg
Urchin – Pincushion
Sea Hare
Shrimp – Harlequin Lg
Nudibranch – Lettuce
Tang – Blue Hippo 2-3in.
Tang – Blue Atlantic Sm
Puffer – Porcupine Black Spotted
Goby – HiFin Banded
Butterfly – Pyramid

WWC Illuminati
Pink Zipper
Bam Bam
Utter Chaos
WWC Space Juice
CB Bowser
Seduction PE
Fairy Farts
Scrambled Eggs
GB Rainbow Trolls

… and so much more already available! I’ll see you at The Studio!