Cleanup Crew – Any Inverts Dream Job

Need some help with that pesky hair algae? Are diatoms taking over the tank? Time to get yourself a cleanup crew!

Elegant Reef has these little guys and more in stock and ready to tackle any job you can throw at them!

Turbo Snails 

Turbo Snails are an excellent algae grazer who live on a diet of hair and other nuisance algaes. These snails grow to about 2″ so be sure to secure any coral frags to your rock work. They don’t call these guys bulldozers for nothing!






Cerith Snails 

A diet of detritus, excess fish food, and any decaying organics make the cerith snail the perfect scavenger for your aquarium. These snails will also help to keep your sand bed turned over and well oxygenated.







Astrea Snails 

Small, peaceful, and hungry! Astrea snails are known to eat hair algae, cyanobacteria, and diatoms.







Nerite Snails 

Like miniature turbo snails with a huge appetite for cyanobacteria and algae. You can feel safe knowing these guys stay small and won’t be knocking over any precious frags.







Margarita Snails 

Hair algae is no problem for the margarita snail. These snails grow to about 1″ and have a beautiful pearly shell.







Nassarius Snails 

These guys are great scavengers who are always on the hunt for some left over fish food. When they’re done eating they help keep the sand bed oxygenated.







Hermit Crabs


Hermit crabs do a great job of turning over substrate and picking at nuisance algaes. Hermit crabs will usually exchange their shells with empties they find around the tank however they can and will attack snails for their shells.





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