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Now available at Elegant Reef – Tropical Fish Studio!

What makes Mysis Supreme such a fantastic fish food?

  • Outstanding Value – Only 100% Freshwater Mysis Relicta with no water added
  • Exceptional Nutritional profile containing the following:
    • High levels of important Omega 3’s, rich in EPA/DHA for superior growth and health.
    • Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant which naturally enhances color and boosts immunity.
    • Exceptional Protein loaded with long branch chain amino acids.
  • Mysis Supreme is harvested from clean glacier fed lakes.
  • Harvested live which maintains the whole animal and flash frozen immediately  for superior quality and value.
  • Mysis Supreme is tested regularly and is pathogen free.
  • Mysis Supreme feed on nutritious phytoplankton which translates into increased nutrition for your fish.
  • Mysis Supreme is sodium free
  • Every pack of Mysis Supreme sold contributes to helping increase survival rates of Kokanee salmon.
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