December 2011 Tank of the Month

I would like to start a new category on our website called Tank of the Month. This category will feature aquariums from our local community that can serve as inspiration to other hobbyists. I would like to showcase this beautiful tank from Chris Mata. Enjoy!

Chris Mata TOTM Dec 2011


Chris Mata - Dec 2011 TOTMtank: DSA neo70 with DSA stand and canopy.

light- current 6 bulb with work horse ballast, 4x ATI blu plus, ATI purple plus, 65k giesman.  one icecap led moon light bar

ecotech mp-40 ES and mp-10, sicce 3 return

filtration: sea side aquatics cs1(psk-600) next reef reactor smr1 Warner marine ecobak bio pellets, pm sr-35 running high grade carbon and gfo. cheato on 24 hour light cycle. gfo and carbon are changed routinely, along with making sure pellet reactor is flowing properly. all controlled by a reef keeper elite


Chris Mata Dec 2011 TOTMhusbandry: 5g water change every 2 weeks. dosing 2 part, potassium, iodine and trace elements. along with amino acids – fuel from aquavitro, zeofood 7, and coral frenzy through out the week.  Evaporation handled by jbj auto top off.






Chris Mata - Dec 2011 TOTMI keep lots of sps, my fav are my blue milli and oregan tort. I have various LPS such as acans ,hammers, trachs and brains, zoas and anemone’s

fish: purple tang, yellow wrasse, yellow watchman goby, pair of Picasso clowns, potters angel, pair of green mandarins






2 thoughts on “December 2011 Tank of the Month

  1. Thanks Louis! i appreciate you seeing my tank worthy. And you seeing my hard work and proper care of a reef tank. hopefully soon ill be upgrading to a bigger tank!

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