Tank of the Month – Jan. 2012

Tony Rish – January 2012 Tank of the Month


Tank is a 65g Aqueon with open top, no canopy

Lights are (2) AI sol blue w/hanging kit 12” above water

Lighting Schedule*
Time % White % Blue % Royal Blue
7am 5 10 10
8am 15 20 20
9am 25 30 30
10am 35 40 40
11am 45 50 50
12pm 65 70 70
3pm 45 50 50
4pm 35 40 40
5pm 25 30 30
6pm 15 20 20
7pm 5 10 10
8pm 0 1 2

* All with 5 min ramp time and stock optics

Sump is an Aqueon proflex model  3 with an Iwaki  Md-40RT return pump
Sump has (2) 100 micron filters in the first chamber, the middle chamber is the Reef Octopus nwb 110 and the last chamber is the Reef  octopus  br70 that has 1-1/2 cups of Brs bio pellets





Reef octopus br70 with 1-1/2 cups of BRS Bio Pellets


Flow inside tank is helped with (2) MP 40s running ¾ throttle on Ecosmart NTM mode

Feeding  schedule is feeding fish every day with Rods food and brine shrimp soaked in garlic for 20 min, every other day  I feed Nori for the tangs . I also add amino acids and Coral Frenzy (2) times a week  and sometimes  I use Fuel  for the corals

Maintenance is change filter socks every week or 3 days and 15% water change every 2 weeks . I clean the glass about once a week, skimmer gets cleaned every week .Change gfo and carbon every month.


I use a Bubble Magus Dosing System to dose 13ml B-ionic cal and alk spread out over 24hrs so it doses 24 times every day (every hour). My water changes take care of my mag so I don’t add it at all.

I mostly keep sps corals and also have some LPS, I would have to say that the tri colored acros and my green slimmer are my favorites but they all make me happy

Fish, Sailfin tang, Kole yellow eye tang, clown fish which attacks my hand, 6 line wrasse, (3) chromis
I also have a cleaner shrimp, an emerald crab, (2) acro crabs hanging out in their homes




4 thoughts on “Tank of the Month – Jan. 2012

  1. Great looking reef. I had that same tank but used a MH pendent so I got mad about the center brace and cut it out. Didn’t have issues with it bowing.

  2. Thank you Louis for making my young tank TOTM,and thanks for all your help.Im looking forward to watching this little reef grow out.

  3. You just cut it out and had no bowing at all? How long did you keep the tank after cutting it and did you have a wave maker of some sort? I thought about trimming about a 1/2″ off either side so it would be less shadow but a little worried about haveing problems

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