New Freshwater @ The Studio!

We just received a great shipment of freshwater livestock, here’s whats new:

Mixed Molly
Fancy Guppies
Male Dragonscale Crowntail Bettas
Male Show Bettas
Female Bettas
Cherry Barbs
Tiger Barbs
Red Parrot Cichlids
Cobalt Blue Discus
Red Pigeon Discus
Assorted African Cichlids
Gold Labs
Mixed Large Angelfish
Assassin Snails
Blue Mystery Snails
Gold Mystery Snails
Mixed Nerite Snails
Polkadot Pictus Cats
Spotted Raphael Cats
Kuhlii Loaches
Striata Botia Loaches
Red/Blue Columbian Tetra
Blackberry Shrimp
Bamboo Shrimp
Red Cherry Shrimp
Red Starfire Glofish
Sunburst Orange Glofish

And so many more great fish & plants to choose from!

We’ll see you at The Studio!

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