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Ricardo's 120GReady for a tank upgrade?

Ricardo was growing tired of his aquarium, he didn’t like the way the tank looked in his living room and wanted a modern setup. He already had many nice tank upgrades including a custom Elegant Reef sump & A.T.O. Reservoir. Ricardo wanted to re-use his equipment but his major concern was how to transfer his existing tank without losing his livestock.

That’s where we come in. We found him a tank of similar size that would meet the following requirements: a modern and elegant system that would support all the existing livestock and equipment.





The 105G Rimless Tank from Planet Aquarium was the perfect tank upgrade, but first the existing aquarium had to be removed.

We begin by draining the aquarium and removing all livestock.




After the tank was torn down and equipment was removed and cleaned we began the process of installation.

The new Planet Aquarium 105G Rimless Tank in its place, time to begin plumbing the system.


It can be a tight squeeze but sometimes you really have to get in there!



The plumbing to the filtration system is complete. Elegant Reef Modern Sump & Auto Top Off Reservoir with JBJ ATO, Seaside Aquatics CS7 Skimmer, NextReef MR1 Reactor. Nice equipment!



Now we can begin setting up the aquarium.



The tank came together nicely, the equipment fit perfectly and all Ricardo’s fish we’re happy.
IMG_1415 IMG_1417

I present to you the Planet Aquarium 105G Rimless Aquarium on Coastal Aquatics Classic Oak Stand in Mahogany.


When you’re ready for an upgrade don’t hesitate to give us a call, your fish will thank you!

Elegant Reef – Tropical Fish Studio – 210.308.7333













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