Another shipment lands today!

Hello again! Another saltwater shipment arrives today around 2pm. Stop by and check it out!

Here’s what we are expecting:

Foxface Metallic (Indo) Lg
Flame Angel Sm/Md
Chromis Green (Indo)
Three Striped Damsel (Indo)
Four Striped Damsel (Indo)
Three Spot Domino Damsel (Indo
Kupang (Hemicyanea) Damsel
Atlantic Blue Tang Sm
Pakistan Butterfly (Indo) Sm
Punctatofasciatus Butterfly Md
Saddleback Butterfly (Indo) Md
T/r Occelaris 1.5″-2″
Blue Reef Chromis (belize) Md
Firefish Goby
Mandarin Green Goby Lg
Scooter Blenny Sm/Md
Dragon Goby (Sol)
Tail Spot Blenny
Engineer Goby
Bluejaw Trigger (F)
Bluejaw Trigger (Male) Md
Carpenters Wrasse
Dragon Wrasse (Indo) Md
Six Line Wrasse (Indo)
Yellow Coris Wrasse (Indo) Sm
EIGHT Line Wrasse (Haw.)
Wardley Wrasse Md
Exquisite Wrasse Md (Africa)
Pseudo Chromis Bicolor
Pseudo Chromis Purple
Anthias Dispar
Stingray (California)
Carpet Anemone (Indo) Md
Green Bulb Anemone Md
Long Tenacle Grn Anemone Sm
Horseshoe Crab Sm/Md
Banded Coral Shrimp
Fire Shrimp (Sri) Md
Harlequin Shrimp
Red Banded Pistol Shrimp
Chocolate Chip Starfish Sm/Md
Bali Red Starfish
Orange Linckia Starfish (Sri)
Featherduster Md
Astria Snail (Florida)
Red Margin Fairy Wrasse MALE

See you at The Studio!

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