Saltwater Has Landed!

Greetings Fellow Fish Enthusiasts,

It’s that time again for another Super Saltwater Shipment!

Lots of amazing animals available just in time for the weekend! Check out what’s new!

Saltwater Fish:
Blue Koran Angel (Indo) Smd
Pygmy Cherub Angel
Coral Beauty Angel Fiji
Golden Angel Bali
Blue Tang (Indo) 2.5″-2.9″
Yellow Tang (Haw.) 2.5″-3.4″
Gold Naso Tang (Indo) Lg
Singapore Angel (Indo) Md
Three Striped Damsel (Indo)
Three Spot Domino Damsel (In
Yellowtail Blue Damsel (Indo)
Powder Blue Tang (Indo) Md
Lubbock Fairy Wrasse
Sailfin Fairy Wrasse
Copperband Butterfly (Indo) Sm
Coricola Butterfly (Haw.) Md
T/R Designer Clown Grade A
Clown Green Goby
Watchman Orange Spotted Goby
Lawnmower Blenny Sm/Md
Diamond Goby Md
Yellow Rose Goby (Indo)
Tail Spot Blenny
Gold-Head Sleeper (Indo) Md
Red Dragonet Blenny
Pantherfish Sm
Porcupine Puffers Md
African Leopard Wrasse
Yellow Fin Fairy/Millenium Wrs
Possum Wrasse (indo)
Royal Gramma (Car.) Sm/Md
Pipefish Banded

Saltwater Invertebrates:
Hidef flower anemone
Green Bulb Anemone Md
Ritteri Anemone (Indo) Lg
Red Tip Hermit Crab
Blue Leg Hermit Crab (Car.)
Electric Blue Hermit
Cleaner Shrimp Md
Tiger Shrimp
Sand Shifting Starfish
Featherduster Md
Urchin Assorted
Urchin Tuxedo
Turbo Snail (Mex.)
Maxima Ultra 5″-6″
Sea Hare Nudibranch Lg
Astria Snail (Florida)
Nassarius Snail Xlg

… and so much more already available! I’ll see you at The Studio!

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