Saltwater has landed at The Studio!

Greetings Fellow Fish Enthusiasts,

It has been a crazy week over at The Studio. Several shipments have arrived this week including a fresh batch of Tisbe Pods!

So many new arrivals including Softies, LPS, and SPS coral! Check out what’s new:

Saltwater Fish:
Coral Beauty Angel – Centropyge bispinosus
Multicolor Angel; Mar. – Centropyge multicolor
Flametail Blenny – Enchelyurus flavipes
Lawnmower Blenny – Salarias fasciatus
Ruby Red Dragonette – Synchiropus stellatus
Scooter Blenny – Synchiropus ocellatus
Blue Blotch Butterfly; Fiji – Chaetodon plebeius
Pearlscale Butterfly – Chaetodon xanthurus
Orbic (Pajama) Cardinal – Sphaeramia nematoptera
Red Spot Glass Cardinal – Apogon parvulus
Citron Clown Goby: Yellow;Fiji – Gobiodon citrinus
Firefish Goby – Nemateleotris magnifica
Orange Banded Prawn Goby – Amblyeleotris steinitzi
Orangespot Prawn Goby – Amblyeleotris guttata
Yellow Clown Goby – Gobiodon okinawae
Strawberry (Purple) Pseudo – Pseudochromis porphyreus
Orangespot Rabbit; Fiji – Siganus guttatus
Scribbled Rabbit Fish; Fiji – Siganus doliatus
Lavender Tang – Acanthurus nigrofuscus
Humu Humu Trigger; Fiji – Rhinecanthus aculeatus
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse: Male – Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis
Halfblack Angel
Lemon Peel Angel Fiji
Pygmy Cherub Angel
Rusty Angel
Juv Imperator Angel Sm
Bicolor Angel Sm/Md
Yellow Tang (Haw.) 2″-2.4″
Foxface Metallic (Indo) Lg
Singapore Angel (Indo) Sm
Neon Velvet Damsels
Honey Damsel
Kole Tang (Haw.) Md
Africa Cleaner Wrasse
Shark Finned Wrasse
Copperband Butterfly (Indo) Md
Pakistan Butterfly (Indo) Sm
Blue Reef Chromis (belize) Md
Bicolor Blenny (Indo)
Purple Firefish Goby
Watchman Yellow Goby Md
Diamond Goby Lg
Watchman Pink Spotted
Blue Spotted Puffer (Fiji)
Orange Shoulder Tang Sm
Powder Brown Tang Md
Bluejaw Trigger (male) Lg
Yellow Coris Wrasse (Indo) Sm
Anthias Flavo
Royal Gramma (Car.) Sm/Md
Squamipinnis Female Fiji
Dragon Wrasse Juvenile Med
Filament Fin Fairy Wrasse Med

Saltwater Inverts:
Bubble Anem: Color; Fiji – Entacmaea quadricolor
Arrow Crab; Atl. – Stenorhynchus seticornis
Emerald Crab; Atl. – Dromidiopsis edwardsi
Sally Lightfoot Crab; Pac. – Percnon sp.
Green Frilly (Lettuce) Slug; Atl. – Tridachia crispata
Sea Hare – Dolabella auricularia
Cleaner Shrimp – Lysmata amboinensis
Pistol Shrimp: Tiger – Alpheus sp.
Long Tenacle Anemone Sm
Banded Coral Shrimp
Blue Linckia Star Lg
Sand Shifting Starfish
Urchin Long Spine
Urchin Tuxedo
Turbo Snail (Mex.)
Cerith Snail
Pink Margarita Snail
Astria Snail (Florida)
Mexican Red Leg Hermit Crab
Aiptasia Eating Peppermint Shrimp
Cerith Snail Lrg
Red Stripe Trochus Snail Bali Med

… and so much more already available! I’ll see you at The Studio!