New Freshwater In-Stock!

Greetings Fellow Fish Enthusiasts,

Freshwater fish has arrived at The Studio!

So many new animals to choose from, we have something for everyone!

Check out what’s new in Freshwater:

Freshwater Fish:
Galaxy Koi Plakat Betta Male Lrg
Candy Nemo Plakat Betta Male Lrg
Halfmoon Nemo Betta Male Lrg
Gold Gourami Reg
Gold Honey Gourami Reg
Cobalt Blue Dwarf Gourami Male Reg
Pygmy Pumilus Sparkling Gourami Reg
Red Honey Gourami Reg
Albino Tiger Barb Reg
Green Tiger Barb Reg
Tiger Barb Reg
Cherry Barb Male Reg
Clown Loach Sml
Hillstream Butterfly Loach Reg
Stone Catfish Sml
Julii Corydoras Tank Raised Reg
Bristlenose Pleco L144a Florida Reg
Albino Bristlenose Pleco Florida Reg
Clown Pleco L103 Reg
Gold Nugget Pleco L018 Reg
Snowball Pleco L102 Reg
Assorted Fancy Angel Reg
Assorted Angels Lrg
Snakeskin Pigeon Blood Discus Reg
Assorted Aulonocara Peacock Cichlid Reg
Asst. Aulonocara Peacock Cichlid Med
Gold Altolamprologus Comprecissep Cichlid Reg
Celestial Pearl Danio Reg
Giant Danio Reg
Gold Ring Tinwini Danio Reg
Fire Eel Reg
Peacock Gudgeon Florida Reg
Assorted Ryukin Goldfish Reg
Black Ghost Knife Tank Raised Reg
Assorted Delta Guppy Male Med
Blue Moscow Delta Guppy Male Med
Neon Blue Guppy Male Med
Red Blonde Tuxedo Guppy Male Med
Tequila Sunrise Guppy Male Med
Yellow Micariffe Guppy Male Med
Scarlet Badis Reg
Dwarf Freshwater BB Puffer Reg
Boesemani Rainbow Reg
Celebese Rainbow Med
Black Rasbora Het Florida Reg
Rasbora Het Florida Reg
Otocinclus Reg
Neon Tetra Florida Lrg
Serpae Tetra Reg
White Cloud Reg
Marble Hatchet Reg

Freshwater Invertebrates:
Orange Bee Shrimp Reg
Vanilla Crawfish Reg
Blue Rili Shrimp Reg
Freshwater Crustacean Pom Pom Crab Reg
Assorted Mystery Snail Reg
Tiger Nerite Snail Reg
Yellow Rabbit Snail Reg
Zebra Nerite Snail Reg
Gold Asian Freshwater Clam Reg
Red Racer Nerite Snail Reg

Freshwater Plants:
Baby’s Tears Potted Reg
Dwarf Sagittaria Potted Reg
Glossostigma Potted Reg
Micro Sword Potted Reg
Anacharis Najas Plant Bunched Reg
Hornwort Plant Bunched Reg
Ludwigia Peruensis Plant Bunched Reg
Moneywort Plant Bunched Reg
Red Myrio Plant Bunched Reg
Rotala Indica Plant Submersed Bunched Reg
Flame Moss Plant Cupped Portion
Moss Ball Plant Reg
Java Moss Plant Cupped Portion

Misc Saltwater Animals:
Ornate Leopard Wrasse Med
Green Bubble Anemone Med
Emerald Crab
Aiptasia Eating Peppermint Shrimp
Zebra Turbo Snail

… and so much more already available! I’ll see you at The Studio!