It’s time to give the aquarium hobby back to the people who enjoy it so much.

Elegant Reef was designed from the ground up with one purpose in mind, to bring the hobby back to San Antonio.

With this in mind it was decided early on that quality was to be the best San Antonio has ever seen. From customer service to tech support to the livestock we sell, everything must be of the highest quality. But what good is quality if pricing gets in the way of the hobbyist. Our goal is to compete with the biggest online businesses and to do that we will keep our pricing at a fair level, something many of the local shops have never had to deal with.

Elegant Reef – Tropical Fish Studio is a full line tropical fish store. We are working hard to be a real one stop shop, a shop that is reliable and affordable. I invite you to stop in and experience the difference for yourself.

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  1. Today was my first visit, my wife and I are new to this hobby. So information is very important to us. The staff Louis and Mike were just great, we will not go backto the other place again, this is a first class operation my wife and I will recomend Elegant Reef to all that is looking to get in into this fun hobby, thanks guys we wish u the best.

  2. It was my first visit at this fish store. I’m pleasantly surprised to see the number of rare freshwater plants at this store. The prices are reasonable as well. My only wish is that they have more stock of freshwater fish. The store is very clean, and the guys are very friendly and knowledgeable. I will be back.

  3. Amazing store! Corona has done a GREAT JOB with your live plants/freshwater section…. Never will shop for freshwater anywhere else!

  4. I am a scuba diver who doesn’t dive as often as I would like. That being said, I decided to bring the reef to me. I visited the store today and I was thoroughly impressed with the staffs knowledge of the staff. I purchased my live rock and will be going back for my fish and other items.

  5. I live down in Corpus Christi and wanted to see what other LFS were available in the South Texas area. On the way thru San Antonio my wife and I decided to see what you guys offered. Boy were we suprised when we walked in. Y’all had one of the best selections of livestock and coral I have ever seen under one roof. Your staff was very helpful and knowlageable. My wife and I see our selfs making many more trips to yore store. Thank you again for the help with our selections today and keep up the good work.

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