105 Gallon Tank Build

DSA 105 Gallon Tank Build

A very special client once asked for a high tech aquarium with all the bells and whistles. The following is a photo journal documenting Dan Kraussmans’ DSA Neo 105 Gallon Build.

The Equipment:

  • Deep Sea Aquatics Neo 105 Gallon Rimless Pro (Reef Ready) Aquarium 48 x 24 x 21
  • Custom metal stand
  • 2x EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w Pro with custom mount
  • 2x EcoTech Marine VorTech MP40wES
  • Custom Sump/Refugium/ATO Reservoir/Dosing Container
  • Bubble Magus 180 Hero Protein Skimmer
  • Tunze Osmolator Auto Top Off Controller
  • Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller
  • 2x NextReef MR1 Shorty Media Reactors

Our goal was to create a beautiful piece of living art with equipment that is functional and easy to maintain. We knew that we only had 48 inches to work with so we chose the sleekest aquarium available, the Neo 105 from Deep Sea Aquatics. The aquarium is a rimless tank measuring 48″ x 24″ x 21″ (L x W x H) with a center back overflow box (2x 1″ drains & 2x 3/4″ returns).

We knew what tank we wanted to start with, now we needed a stand.

The Stand:

Anyone who has setup an aquarium knows that the space under the stand is incredibly important. We wanted to leave as much space as possible with access from all 3 viewing sides. We decided a steel stand was the only way to go, strong enough to park a truck on and built to last. This is our stands skeleton, white powder coat finishes off the frame.

Something that always bothered me about aquariums is that there is bound to be spills and drips that go undetected, when this happens you can grow mold and damage your stand and flooring. The solution was to build a basin into the stand that would serve as two purposes, to be the floor of the stand to place the sump on and to keep water from making its way to the floor.

The Sump:

We wanted to utilize every inch of the stand so we designed a sump and A.T.O. reservoir that fits perfectly. We used a U shaped design for our sump. Water flows first through filter socks for mechanical filtration, into a dedicated water table for the protein skimmer, through a refugium/equipment chamber, over a media tray, and finally ends at the return pump chamber. This sump/ato was later redesigned as a single unit with a few additional features.

Here is what the build looks like so far:

The look of the tank needed to match the existing cabinetry in the house. We used knotty alder to skin the steel frame.

The Electrical Cabinet:

To keep the wiring neat and tidy we built an electrical cabinet that keeps all our gadgets in one place.

Custom Radion Wall Mount:

Having a rimless aquarium looks awesome but light hanging kits… not so much. We wanted something different, like this:

And finally a few shots of the aquascaping.

This build is about 90% complete. This page will be updated soon.

I hope you have enjoyed this 105G build. If you have any questions my staff and I are always willing to help!

I’ll see you at The Studio!


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