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Elegant Reef Aquarium Service VehicleHey there! It looks like you just spotted the Elegant Reef mobile service vehicle. If you have never heard of us allow me to take a small portion of your time to introduce you to A Brand New Experience.

“A Brand New Experience…”

Elegant Reef – Tropical Fish Studio was built with one goal in mind, to offer a better alternative to the same ‘ol tropical fish shop. Your aquarium is more than just a piece of furniture, we believe your aquarium is living art! We strive to build aquarium environments with animals that not only survive in captivity but actually thrive. We are here to share our knowledge for the betterment of this amazing privilege we call Aquaria.

“Customer service is the most important part of our business…

Our highly experienced staff believes that customer service is the most important part of our business. We invite you to come out to The Studio and experience the difference for yourself!

So what exactly do we offer? We are a full line tropical fish boutique. We are open 7 days a week and provide maintenance supplies, food, medications, equipment, aquariums, and custom fabrication – we build sumps, light hangers, aquariums and more!

Aquarium Service, Maintenance, Design, Fabrication, Supplies – We do it all

We provide top level customer service and highly professional craftsmanship, we aim to be more than simply a guy wiping down algae. We will strive to make any of your aquatic dreams come true.


Don’t have a tank and need a full installation from the ground up? No problem!

We can do any installation you need, just tell us what you want to see in your tank and we will work with you to make that a reality. No matter if it is fresh water planted, salt water fish only, salt water reef, African Rift Lake, or a large South American display; we are comfortable and equipped to handle your needs.


Have a tank and just need someone to maintain it or improve it? No sweat!


We provide a large range of services to fit your needs and schedule, from a simple wipe down to a complete overhaul, we are here to serve you in any of your tank maintenance needs or upgrade requirements. Simply tell us what you want to get done and we will get it done.


Not looking for schedule maintenance or someone to do the work for you? Perhaps you are looking for someone that can teach or advise you on the subject matter? We can do that too!


If you are not confident in your set up and just need someone to double check your work, we are more than willing to come out and give you suggestions and advice. We were all beginners at one point and it should never be embarrassing if you simply need a class or two on water changes, salt mixing, dosing, sump setup, etc… Our staff is respectable and highly professional. We will never talk down to you and always try to make the learning process as fun and enjoyable as any hobby should be.

For more information call, click, or stop by The Studio!

Elegant Reef – Tropical Fish Studio
301 W. Nakoma
San Antonio, TX 78216


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