Elegant Reef Warranty Information

Free Technical Support

The team at Elegant Reef is comprised of experienced hobbyists with knowledge in husbandry, equipment, livestock, and supplies. If you’re experiencing an issue there is a great chance that we have a solution for you! We highly recommend contacting us to diagnose the issue before bringing in your return. Often times a little troubleshooting is all that is required to get your new product up and running.

Livestock Warranty

Elegant Reef does not offer a warranty for livestock, which includes all fish, invertebrates, plants, and corals.

Manufacturer Warranties

Elegant Reef is an authorized reseller of every product available for sale in our store and on our website. That means when you buy aquarium supplies from us, your products are not only backed by our own 7-day return policy, they also carry full factory warranties, where applicable. Some items have a 1-year warranty, others have limited lifetime warranties. Warranty coverage varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so please read the product description of the item(s) you are considering thoroughly for details or contact us if you have warranty questions.

Manufacturer Customer Support

A small segment of manufacturers require that customers contact them directly should a problem arise. Please don’t worry, these manufacturers are some of the biggest in the industry and their team has been specifically trained to support their respective products. Keep in mind that we are available for support and in no way are we discouraging you from contacting us first. We are happy to discuss and troubleshoot any issues and only refer you to the manufacturer if absolutely necessary.

Here is the short list of manufacturers that require customers to contact them directly if/when problems arise:

ManufacturerContact Information
AquaIllumination515-233-5105 / Contact Support
Aqua Medic970-461-0023
Bubble Magus909-274-9183 / Contact Support
CoralVue / AutoAqua / Maxspect / Reef Octopus / IceCapContact Support
CPR800-357-2995 / Email Support
EcoTech Marine610-954-8480 / 800-785-0338
Innovative Marine866-368-7941 / 860-213-1328
Milwaukee Instruments252-443-3630 / Email Support
Neptune Systems408-779-4090
Red Sea888-733-7329