Welcome to a brand new experience!

The city of San Antonio has been waiting for an alternative to the same old fish shop. A store that will remember your name and give honest advice. A place with clean water and healthy livestock. Aquarium husbandry that is kind to the environment with a killer look that will blow you away. Such an alternative exists.

A place where you will receive top notch customer service, advise on equipment and livestock, premixed saltwater, ro/di water, supplies, new setups and equipment, green lighting solutions, at home and in office maintenance, leasing programs, custom design and fabrication, and so much more. Allow me to introduce you to Elegant Reef – Tropical Fish Studio!

Elegant Reef has over 2000 gallons of saltwater aquariums illuminated by eco-friendly LED lighting. A dedicated 4×8 coral garden and 3×3 clam refugium surrounded by 8 foot long fish holding tanks all custom designed for the best husbandry ever seen in a San Antonio fish store. We host an additional 700 gallons of freshwater aquaria featuring many species including live plants, fancy betas, cichlids, discus, and more! Our store has been designed from the ground up with a single purpose in mind, deliver the experience that you’ve been waiting for!

Visit Elegant Reef once and see the difference for yourself.

13 thoughts on “Welcome to a brand new experience!

  1. Love the store just visted it today and got two 15 $ frags! Good price and friendly staff!! Will definitely be back

  2. Great place! Have a larger selection of coral, inverts, and fish than found elsewhere. Also great selection of aquarium accessories. Louis searched for the exact type of lights my aquarium would need, and offered to order them whenever I decide to invest in new lights for my coral!

  3. Great costumer service,friendly,great retail prices, and great quality of fish. I prefer this place for the first look.

  4. i got a bubble tip anemone for my real percula clowns after great advice from louis, put them in the accley chamber and behold like 2 mins laters…clowns and bubble tip are one….love it..cant wait to go back and have you guys setup my lighting and sump…

  5. We came in for the first time today and were very impressed! We had some questions about our 60 gallon cichlid tank and look forward to ordering some new fish.

  6. I ordered a 125g saltwater aquarium from them a few weeks ago, they had my sump custom made to fit my needs and helped me get everything i needed to have my tank up and running within the hour after they left my house from delivering my tank. It has been 3 weeks since i got my tank and everything has already stabilized and it is testing perfectly in all areas and is now ready for fish. I love these guys and how helpful they are. Thank you.

  7. This team can not be beat. We have shopped Tropical Livestock and Equipment from Austin to San Antonio.. and the Quote for our complete 125 gal tank & system could not be matched. So save your time!

    We now have a Dogface Puffer (Uncle Fester), a Humma Triger (The Joker), and two Blue Tangs (Big Blue and Little Blue).. Big Blue is quite the rebel as Aaron knows.

    We are also working on re-vamping our Freshwater system with ideas from Louis and the team.

    See ya’ll soon!

  8. I have been to the Studio many times and always get treated well. The saltwater livestock is always healthy. One other great plus is Louis, he seems to really enjoy having the shop and is always willing to talk fishy business. lol He is even open to “your” input about new items he does not carry sometimes he ends up stocking the item.

    Elegant Reef truly is a “new experience” in San Antonio.

    Keep up the good work! To: the whole team at Elegant.

  9. I have been looking around the San Antonio area for a good reef shop and I have finally found it. Elegant Reef is the place to shop. The aquatic tanks are clean and the corals and fish appear to all be healthy. Elegant Reef is the stand alone winner in my book. If you have a chance stop by and check it out. You’ll love there giant clam, it’s huge. 4 thumbs up. Great work.

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