Welcome to a brand new experience!

The city of San Antonio has been waiting for an alternative to the same old fish shop. A store that will remember your name and give honest advice. A place with clean water and healthy livestock. Aquarium husbandry that is kind to the environment with a killer look that will blow you away. Such an alternative exists.

A place where you will receive top notch customer service, advise on equipment and livestock, premixed saltwater, ro/di water, supplies, new setups and equipment, green lighting solutions, at home and in office maintenance, leasing programs, custom design and fabrication, and so much more. Allow me to introduce you to Elegant Reef – Tropical Fish Studio!

Elegant Reef has over 2000 gallons of saltwater aquariums illuminated by eco-friendly LED lighting. A dedicated 4×8 coral garden and 3×3 clam refugium surrounded by 8 foot long fish holding tanks all custom designed for the best husbandry ever seen in a San Antonio fish store. We host an additional 700 gallons of freshwater aquaria featuring many species including live plants, fancy betas, cichlids, discus, and more! Our store has been designed from the ground up with a single purpose in mind, deliver the experience that you’ve been waiting for!

Visit Elegant Reef once and see the difference for yourself.

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