New Saltwater Fish

Looking for saltwater fish, inverts, and coral? We’ve got you covered!

Check out what’s new in Saltwater this week:

Coral Beauty Sm/Md
Flagfinned Angel (Indo) Md
Pygmy Cherub Angel
Rusty Angel
Blue Tang 1.5″-1.9″
Vlamingi Tang Sm
Orange Fin Tomini Tang Md
Chromis Green (Indo)
Allen’s Damsel
Honey Damsel
Snowflake Eel Md
Powder Blue Tang (Indo) Sm
Powder Blue Tang (Indo) Md
Atlantic Blue Tang Sm
Africa Cleaner Wrasse
Lunare Wrasse (Indo) Md
TriColor Fairy Wrasse Male Md
Lubbock Fairy Wrasse
Katherine Fairy Wrasse Male
Geometric Flame Hawk
Hawkfish Flame Lg
Auriga Butterfly Md
Copperband Butterfly (Indo) Md
Heniochus Blk&White Sm
Pearlscale Butterfly Md
Punctatofasciatus Butt. Md
Orange Tail Damsel Lg
Bicolor Blenny (Indo)
Blue Gudgeon (Indo)
Firefish Goby
Purple Firefish Goby
Mandarin Green Goby Lg
Mandarin Spotted Goby Sm
Watchman Yellow Goby Md
Lawnmower Blenny Sm/Md
Twin Spot Goby
Diamond Goby Md
Tail Spot Blenny
Gold-Head Sleeper (Indo) Md
Watchman Pink Spotted
Red Dragonet Blenny
Porcupine Puffers Smd
Saddle Puffer
Dragon Wrasse (Indo) Md
African Leopard Wrasse
Six Line Wrasse (Indo)
Yellow Coris Wrasse (Indo) Md
Wardley Wrasse Md
Christmas Wrasse Red
Pylei Fairy Wrasse
Possum Wrasse (indo)
Cowfish L/H Sm
Hawkfish Longnose Md
Pseudo Chromis Purple
Royal Gramma Sm/Md
Sunrise Pseudochromis
Pipefish Blue Striped
Squamipinnis Female Fiji
Green Bulb Anemone Md
Haitian Col Condolactic Xlg
Sebae White Anemone (Indo) Md
Tube Anemone Colored (Indo)
Purp.base Grn Bulb Ane Md
Red Tip Hermit Crab
Blue Leg Hermit Crab (Car.)
Emerald Crab M/L
Cleaner Shrimp Md
Fire Shrimp (Sri) Md
Tiger Shrimp
Chocolate Chip Starfish Sm/Md
Black Tip Red Reef Starfish
Featherduster Md
Turbo Snail (vietnam)
Cerith Snail
Sea Hare Nudibranch Lg
Sea Hare Blue Spot Nudibranch
Pink Margarita Snail
Astria Snail (Florida)
Knucklebone Green Coral (Aust)

And so much more! I’ll see you at The Studio!

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