New Arrivals – Freshwater Restock

Greetings Fellow Fish Enthusiasts,
Stop by The Studio this weekend and check out our newest arrivals! New livestock arrives weekly! Check out this weeks latest freshwater animals:

Freshwater FishPrice
Feeder Guppy$0.75
Black Moor Goldfish M/S$15.00
Calico Shubunkin Goldfish Reg$7.00
Sarassa Comet Goldfish Reg$8.00
Gold Cobra Delta Guppy Male Med$6.00
Jade Head Delta Guppy Male Med$6.00
Koi Tuxedo Guppy Male Reg$6.00
Lyretail Guppy Male Med$6.00
Platinum Chili Dumbo Ear Guppy Male Med$11.00
Red Varigated Dumbo Guppy Male Med$6.00
White Moscow Guppy Male Med$6.00
Assorted Koi 3-4″ Reg$20.00
Assorted Ogon Koi 3-4″ Reg$24.00
Butterfly Koi 3-4″ Reg$20.00
Platinum Ogon Koi 3-4″ Reg$36.00
Cichlids:Jack Dempsey Electric Blue$39.99
Chili Rasbora Reg$5.00
Giant Otocinclus Xlg$35.00
Black Neon Tetra Reg$4.00
White Neon Tetra Lrg$6.00
Freshwater InvertebratesPrice
Ghost Shrimp Each$0.75
Live Blackworms-1/4 lb$49.99
Shrimp:Cherry Red$5.49
Shrimp:Crystal Black$12.00
Shrimp:Crystal Red$12.00
Shrimp:Flower Bamboo Adult$17.00
Shrimp:Gold Back Yellow Fire$11.00
Shrimp:Orange Bee$5.49
Shrimp:Rili Yellow$9.00
Snails:Nerite Red Racer$4.99
Snails:Nerite Tiger$2.99
Snails:Nerite Zebra$2.99
Freshwater PlantsPrice
Bacopa Plant Bunched Reg$8.00
Italian Vallisneria Plant Reg$9.00
Jungle Vallisneria Plant Reg$9.00
Java Moss Plant Cupped Portion$16.99
Micranthemum Tweediei ‘Monte Carlo’ Potted Reg$15.00
Red Root Floater Plant Cupped Portion$16.99
Christmas Moss Plant Cupped Portion$16.99
Packaged TC:Anubias barteri ‘White Rose’ Cup AT$20.00
Packaged TC:Anubias pinto Cup AT$20.00
Packaged:Pond Lily Tuber Orange$34.99
Packaged:Pond Lily Tuber Red$34.99
Packaged:Pond Lily Tuber Yellow$34.99
This weeks new freshwater arrivals!