Saltwater Fish Arriving Today!

Lots of fish arriving today, check out what’s new in saltwater!

Saltwater Fish:
—- Tank Raised Clownfish —-
SA Fancy Snowflake S
SA Fancy White M
SA Orange S
SA Orange L
SA Black – Misbar M
SA Chocolate M
SA Mocha S
SA Blacker Ice M
SA Clarkii – Black S
SA Fancy Snowflake – Special S
SA Orange Misbar M
SA Snowflake Black S
SA Frostbite – Absolute Zero S
SA Nearly Naked Chocolate M
SA Black Storm S
SA Midnight Black Lightning – M
SA Mocha Storm S
SA Orange Storm S
Black Storm Semi S
SA Orange Storm Semi S
SA Picasso M
SA Orange Storm M

Gobies:Green Band :: East Americas
Gobies:Clown, Citron :: South Asia
Gobies:Firefish :: Eastern Asia
Gobies:Firefish Exquisite :: South Asia
Gobies:Watchman Diamond :: South Asia
Gobies:Watchman Tiger Wardi :: South Asia
Hawks:Flame Armatus :: Central Pacific
Puffers:Dogface, Gray Freckled :: South Asia
Rabbitfish:Foxface :: Eastern Asia
Tangs:Powder Brown :: Eastern Asia
Tangs:Sailfin, Desjardinii :: South Asia
Tangs:Scopas :: Central Pacific
Wrasses:Blue Spotted Tamarin :: Central Pacific
Wrasses:Blue Spotted Tamarin Juvenile :: Central Pacific
Wrasses:Yellowtail :: Africa / Red Sea
Wrasses:Fairy, Blueside :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses:Formosa, Adult :: South Asia
Wrasses:Cleaner Common :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses:Cleaner Common :: South Asia
Wrasses:Leopard :: Central Pacific
Wrasses:Leopard Black :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses:Leopard, Vermiculate Male :: South Asia
Wrasses:Flasher, Carpenter’s :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses:Six Line :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses:Possum, Yellow-Banded :: Eastern Asia

Saltwater Inverts:
Crabs:Emerald :: East Americas
Crabs, Hermit:Zebra :: West Americas
Crabs, Hermit:Blue Leg, Dwarf :: East Americas
Crabs, Hermit:Red Tip :: West Americas
Crabs, Hermit:Antler Staghorn :: West Americas
Crabs, Hermit:Scarlet :: East Americas
Cucumbers:Tigertail Cucumber Colored :: Eastern Asia
Shell, Bivalves:Scallop Flame :: East Americas
Shell, Snails:Nassarius :: West Americas
Shell, Snails:Olive Sandsifting Periscope :: East Americas
Shell, Snails:Conch :: East Americas
Shell, Snails:Margarite :: West Americas
Shell, Snails:Turbo, Cat’s Eye :: Eastern Asia
Shrimps:Cleaner / Scarlet Skunk :: South Asia
Stars:Sand :: Central Pacific
Stars:Chocolate Chip :: Eastern Asia

… And so much more already available! We’ll see you at The Studio!