The saltwater shipments have landed!

Check out what’s new in the saltwater tanks this weekend!

Gobies:Watchman, False Yellow Spotted (S) W/ Tiger Pistol (S)$44.99
Angels:Bicolor :: Central Pacific$69.99
Angels:Flame Angel :: Central Pacific$189.99
Blueface Angel Juvenile$169.99
Basslets:Royal Gramma :: East Americas$48.00
Blennies MAC Certified:Starry :: Philippines$54.99
Blennies:Panamic Barnacle :: West Americas$55.00
Tail Spot Blenny$29.99
Copperband Butterfly – Medium$75.00
Vanderbilt Chromis Africa$34.99
Dragonets:Scooter, Red Starry :: South Asia$44.99
Gobies:Clown, Black :: Eastern Asia$24.99
Gobies:Clown, Citron :: Central Pacific$34.99
Gobies:Firefish :: Eastern Asia$18.99
Gobies:Panda :: Eastern Asia$38.00
Gobies:Watchman, False Yellow Spotted :: Eastern Asia$19.99
Lg Diamond Goby$32.99
Yasha Hasha Gobie$89.99
FuManChu Lionfish$169.99
Atlantic / Caribbean Blue Tang – Large$249.99
Blonde Naso Tang – Medium 3-4″$139.99
Blue Hippo Tang – Medium-Large$129.99
Clown Tang – Large$149.99
Powder Blue Tang – Medium$79.99
Powder Brown Tang$79.99
Yellow Belly Hippo Tang – Medium-Large$199.99
Blue Streak Cleaner Wrasse$39.99
Radiant Wrasse Africa$185.00
Wrasses:Cleaner, Multicolor :: Central Pacific$69.99
Wrasses:Leopard :: Central Pacific$124.99
Wrasses:Leopard Male :: Central Pacific$239.99
Wrasses:Possum, Yellow-Banded :: Eastern Asia$124.99
Yellow Coris Wrasse$39.99
Crabs:Arrow :: East Americas$24.99
Crabs:Emerald :: East Americas$12.99
Crabs, Hermit:Blue Leg, Dwarf :: East Americas$2.49
Crabs, Hermit:Red Tip :: West Americas$2.99
Crabs, Hermit:Scarlet :: East Americas$6.99
Candy Cane Pistol Shrimp$30.00
Cleaner Shrimp – Medium$34.99
Peppermint Shrimp$14.99
Tiger Pistol Shrimp$24.99
Fire Shrimp$47.99
Banded Trochus Snail$4.99
Shell, Snails:Nassarius Super :: Eastern Asia$6.99
Stars:Sand :: Central Pacific$18.00
Urchins:Pincushion, Blue Tuxedo :: Eastern Asia$48.00
Coco Worm Pink/White sm-med$38.99