This week in Saltwater

This week is all about the saltwater! Check out what’s new!

ACI Ghost Eye Chalice
ACI Green Hero Turbinaria
ACI Turbinaria Scroll
Alveopora sp – Micro Green
ARC Halley’s Comet Scrolling Cyphastrea Frag
Aussie Cyphastrea XXS
Aussie Rainbow Acan Lord
Blasto wellsi – Red S (Aus) Single
Blastomussa Wellsi – Purple wGreen (Per Polyp)
Blastomussa Wellsi – Red wGreen (Per Polyp)
Caulastrea – Kryptonite Trumpet – Double polyp
Caulastrea – Kryptonite Trumpet – Single polyp
Clauvularia Sp – Orange NEON Streaked Clove (Indo-Pacific) M
Duncan Frag – Single
ECC Busted Knuckles Zoanthid Frag
ECC Magma Frost Favia Frag
ECC Old Glory Favia Frag
ECC Sonic Boom Favites Frag
ECC Space Jump Chalice Frag
Favia sp – Ultra S (Indo-Pacific)
Goniopora – Red/Orange
lndo Euphyllia glabrescense 24k Sm
Lobophyllia Frag
M lordhowensis – Ultra
Multicolor indophyllia
Bullseye mushroom
Red St Thomas mushroom
Yuma Sp
ACI Strawberry Fields Porites
Acropora Ultra Frags
ECC Confused Rainbow Montipora Frag
ECC Twisted Metal Stylocoeniella Frag
ACI Nirvana Zoanthid
CC Spitfire Zoanthid Frag
ECC Blue Hornet Zoanthid Frag
ECC Pikachu Zoa
ECC Rainbow Hornet Zoanthid Frag
WWC Flaming Suns Zoanthid Frag

Saltwater Fish:
Angels:Pygmy Cherub, Caribbean :: East Americas
Flame Angel: Mar. – Centropyge loriculus
Anthias MAC Certified:Lyretail, Orange :: Fiji
Anthias MAC Certified:Lyretail, Red Male :: Fiji
Chalk Basslet Med
Bicolor Blenny: Male – Ecsenius bicolor
Blennies:Panamic Barnacle :: West Americas
Blennies:Red-Spotted :: South Asia
Blennies:Sailfin / Algae :: South Asia
Damsels MAC Certified:Blue Green :: Fiji
Royal Gramma; Atl. – Gramma loreto
Royal Gramma; Atl. – Gramma loreto
Dragonets:Mandarin Green :: Eastern Asia
Filefish:Matted “Aiptasia-Eating” Leatherjacket :: Eastern Asia
Bar Goby – Ptereleotris zebra
Citron Clown Goby: Yellow;Fiji – Gobiodon citrinus
Firefish Goby – Nemateleotris magnifica
Gobies Aquacultured:Yashia :: East Americas
Gobies:Blue Line Flag Tail :: Eastern Asia
Gobies:Pinkbar :: South Asia
Gobies:Watchman Diamond :: South Asia
Gobies:Watchman, False Yellow Spotted :: Eastern Asia
Six Spot Sleeper Goby Med
White Sleeper Goby – Valenciennea sexguttata
Blue Spot Jawfish; Mexico – Opistoganthus sp.
Pearly Jawfish; Atl. – Opistognathus aurifons
Blonde Naso Tang – Naso elegans
Lemonpeel Mimic Tang; Fiji – Acanthurus pyroferus
Tangs:Atlantic Blue Phase :: East Americas
Tangs:Atlantic Blue Phase :: East Americas
Tangs:Powder Blue :: South Asia
Tangs:Scopas :: Eastern Asia
White Tail Yellow Eye Tang – Ctenochaetus sp
Cleaner Wrasse – Labroides dimidiatus

Saltwater Inverts:
Long Tentacle Anemone: Purple- Macrodactyla doreensis
Long Tentacle Anemone: Ultra – Macrodactyla doreensis
Rock Flower Anemone
Crabs:Emerald :: East Americas
Frilly Arrow Crab Sml
Green Frilly (Lettuce) Slug; Atl. – Tridachia crispata
Sea Hare – Dolabella auricularia
Aiptasia Eating Peppermint Shrimp
Bumble Bee Shrimp – Gnathophyllum americanum
Gold Coral Banded Shrimp – Stenopus sp.
Harlequin Shrimp – Hymenocera picta
Pistol Shrimp: Red; I.O. – Alpheus sp.
Pistol Shrimp: Tiger – Alpheus sp.
Shrimps:Cleaner / Scarlet Skunk :: South Asia
Bumble Bee Snail; Mar. – Engina sp.
Cerith Snail – Cerith sp.
Margarita Turbo Snail – Turbo sp.
Nassarius Sand Snail (XLG) – Nassarius sp.
Red Stripe Trochus Snail Bali Med
Tiger Turbo Snail – Trochus sp.
Urchins:Pincushion, Blue Tuxedo :: Eastern Asia
Red Mangrove Plant with Leaves Lrg

… and so much more already available. I’ll see you at The Studio!