What’s New This Week

Lots of new arrivals have been landing this week. Check out the new stock list!

Goby – Scissortail
Gramma – Royal XL
Gramma – Royal Md/Lg
Dottyback – Neon T.R.
Dottyback – Orchid T.R.
Anemone – Rock Ultra
Crab – Emerald
Starfish – Sand Shifting
Angel – Six Bar Adult XL
Angel – Emperor Adult Md/Lg
Wrasse – Fairy Orange Back
Goby – Citron XL
Eel – Moray Goldentail
Tang – Bariene Md
Tang – Maculiceps Med
Pleco – Golden Nugget L-081 3-4in (fine spot)
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Sml
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Lrg
Flame Scallop Sml
Astrea Turbo Snail Atlantic
Nassarius Snail Sml
Chestnut Snail Sml
Golden Red Feather Duster Med
Goby – Diamond
Starfish – Tile
Anemone – Carpet Blue
Urchin – Pincushion
Shrimp – Cleaner XL
Shrimp – Fire
Wrasse – Leopard Moyers
Wrasse – Fairy Blue Side
Goby – Watchman Yellow
Goby – Citron XL

Goldfish – Calico Fan
Koi – Premium Grade
Goldfish – Black Moor
Misc – Puffer Pea
Shark – Roseline 2in.
Tetra – X-ray
Guppy – Sunray Male
Guppy – Miracle Ray
Tetra – Rasbora Galaxy
Invert – Shrimp Black Choco
Danio – White Cloud
Danio – Zebra
Loach – YoYo
Shark – Redtail Black 2.5in.
Guppy – Dragon Male
Barb – Cherry
Gourami – Gold
Tetra – Serpae
Cory – Panda
Tetra – Neon Sm/Med
Catfish – Bumble Bee

Feeder Guppies
Ghost Shrimp
Live Brine Shrimp