New Fresh & Saltwater Livestock Just In

Greetings Fellow Fish Enthusiasts,

New freshwater and saltwater livestock just arrived at The Studio. Stay tuned for another livestock shipment scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon!

Here’s what’s landed so far:

Freshwater Fish:
Cichlid – Pike
Sword – Santa Claus Wag
Pleco – Medusa L-034
Loach – Weather Gold
Pleco – Golden Nugget L-081 3-4in (fine spot)
Invert – Shrimp Amano
Platy – Bumble Bee
African – Frontosa Black Widow
Danio – Giant
Loach – YoYo
Pleco – Golden Nugget L-018 2-3in.
Cory – Paleatus
Tetra – Neon Sm/Med
Discus – Pigeon Snakeskin 3.5in.
Discus – Pigeon Yellow Spotted 3.5in.
Discus – Pigeon Red Spotted 3.5in.
Discus – Turquoise Blue 3.5 in.
Discus – Blue Diamond 3.5 in.
Discus – Asst. 2in.
Feeder Guppies
Feeder Ghost Shrimp

Saltwater Fish & Inverts:
Wrasse – Fairy Pentail
Tang – Whitetail
Tang – Clown Sm/Md
Goby – Twinspot
Goby – Mandarin Green Med
Angel – Pygmy (Atlantic)
Goby – Firefish
Blenny – Tailspot
Wrasse – Possum
Tang – Orange Shoulder Lg
Tang – Mimic Yellow Med
Tang – Blue Atlantic Md
Gramma – Royal Md/Lg
Wrasse – Six line
Anthias – Queen Purple
Urchin – Longspine
Snail – Turbo Mexican
Snail – Conch Fighting
Snail – Margarita Pink
Crab – Emerald
Hermit – Red Leg Mexican

… and so much more already available. I’ll see you at The Studio!