New Livestock List

Greetings Fellow Fish Enthusiasts, New livestock just arrived at The Studio. Take a look at what’s new in fresh and saltwater! Freshwater Fish:Guppy – Elephant Ear BlueTetra – Neon MedGoldfish – Oranda Red/BlackFeeder GuppiesPleco – BushynoseKoi – Premium Grade 3-4″Butterfly Halfmoon Betta Male LrgAssorted Premium Longfin Betta Male LrgMarble Betta Male Domestic LrgHellboy Plakat Betta… Continue reading New Livestock List

What’s New This Week

New Freshwater Livestock

Lots of new arrivals have been landing this week. Check out the new stock list! Saltwater:Goby – ScissortailGramma – Royal XLGramma – Royal Md/LgDottyback – Neon T.R.Dottyback – Orchid T.R.Anemone – Rock UltraCrab – EmeraldStarfish – Sand ShiftingAngel – Six Bar Adult XLAngel – Emperor Adult Md/LgWrasse – Fairy Orange BackGoby – Citron XLEel –… Continue reading What’s New This Week

New Saltwater Just In!

Check out what just landed in saltwater! More arrivals scheduled throughout the week!

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