Freshwater Fish are Here!

New Freshwater Livestock

BLACKWORMS ARE BACK IN STOCK!!!! Along with many other amazing freshwater fish and inverts. Click here to see what’s new!

New Saltwater

We just got in our saltwater shipment, here’s what’s new! Saltwater Fish:Butterfly – Longnose YellowGoby – Mandarin Green LgBlenny – Scooter Ruby RedButterfly – Copperband Sm/MdAngel – Regal MdAngel – Emperor Juv SmBlenny – TailspotAnthias – DisparHermit – Red Leg MexicanSnail – CerithWrasse – CleanerTang – Flamefin SmCardinal – PajamaSnail – Trochus Red BandedStarfish –… Continue reading New Saltwater

New Freshwater

New Freshwater Livestock

New fish just landed, check out whats new! Freshwater FishAulonocara stuartgranti ‘Chiloelo” AD MaleAulonocara ‘Benga Yellow Sunshine’ AD MaleLabeotropheus fuelleborni ‘Blue’ AD FemaleLebeotropheus fuelleborni ‘Blue’ AD MalePseudotropheus crabro (Bumblebee Cichlid) AD FemaleGerman Red Peacock Cichlid AD MaleGold OB Dolphin Cichlid AD MaleLabeotropheus trewavasae “Lavender/Gold’ AD MaleProtomelas taeniolatus (Red Empress) AD MaleLabeotropheus trewavasae ‘Redtop Blue’ 3-4″Metriaclima… Continue reading New Freshwater