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Product Description

Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner that does it all while KEEPING YOUR HANDS DRY!

Fl!pper MAX is made with the strongest rare earth magnets optimized for fresh or saltwater aquariums up to 1in (25mm) in thickness and no less than 5/8in (15mm). Each Fl!pper comes with a stainless steel blade to be used on Glass tanks only, and an ABS blade for use on acrylic tanks.

Scrubber – Scraper – Flipper
The Flipper MAX Cleaner is the most versatile aquarium magnet cleaner available for large Glass and Acrylic aquariums. The patented design allows it to “Flip” inside the tank simply by rotating the outer handle!

With a large soft cleaning pad on one side for daily maintenance and a Flip over to a stainless steel blade on the opposite side for removal of hard algae, it is all you will ever need to keep your glass crystal clear without ever reaching in the tank!

Fl!pper’s unique design maintains an upright orientation at all times for easy retrieval.

It is the ONLY magnetic aquarium cleaner that does it ALL!!!

– Strong Rare Earth Magnet up to 1in (25mm) in Thickness
– For Fresh or Saltwater Aquariums
– Easy to Use with a Simple Flip
– Comes with 2 Blades – One stainless steel blade to be used on Glass tanks only AND a ABS blade for use on Acrylic tanks!
– Ultra Low Profile
– Removal of Hard Algae with Little Effort

Tips for optimal Flipping! the Corner flip is a no-brainer!
1) Flip in areas of the tank with low water currents.
2) Flip near the top of the tank away from rocks, sand and gravel. We like corner flipping best (see video)
3) Remember when flipping to keep the top of the handle lined up with the top of the inside unit.
(Note that during the actual Flip we move the handle down slightly to track the slow descent of the Flipper)


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