Freshwater Restock New Fish – Inverts – Plants

Greetings Fellow Fish Enthusiasts,

New fish and plants just arrived at The Studio! Check out what’s new!!!

Freshwater Fish & Inverts:
Pom Pom Crab
Polka Dot Hillstream Loach
Red Shoulder Severum
Crystal Red Shrimp
Black Nubian Swordtail
Emerald Eye Rasbora
Green Spotted Puffer
Tiger Shrimp
Green Fire Tetra
Turqoise Rainbow
Blue Turquoise Rainbow
Checkerboard Discus
Banded Kuhli Loach
Kamaka Rainbow
Dumbo Ear Betta
Female Koi Betta
Geophagus Surinamensis
Farlowella Cat
Black Knight Shrimp
Black & Blue Rili Shrimp
Snow White Shrimp
Blue Eye Daisy Rice Fish
Green Sailfin Molly
Royal Pleco
Rubberlip Pleco
Sm Bushynose
Neon Tetra Md
Rummynose Tetra

Freshwater Plants:
Anacharis – Leaded
Baby Tears – Leaded
Bacopa – Leaded
Hornwort – Leaded
Moneywort – Leaded
Parrots Feather – Leaded
Brazilian Pennywort – Leaded
Red Rotala – Leaded
Wisteria – Leaded
Amazon Sword Md
Amazon Sword Lg
Red Ozelot Sword Md
Green Ozelot Sword Lg
Radican Sword Md
Radican Marble Queen Sword Sm
Red Rubin Sword Md
Rosette Sword Md
Ruffle Sword Sm
Vesuvius Sword Md
A. Barteri Md
A. Coffeefolia Md
A. Frazeri Md
A. Nana Md
C. Lucens Md
C Lutea Md
C. Pontederiifolia Md
C. Spiralis Md
C. Wendtii Brown Md
C. Wendtii Red Md
C. Wendtii Green Md
Italian Val – Bunch
Jungle Val – Bunch
Dwarf Sag – Bunch
Bolbitis Broad Leaf – Md
C. Calamastratum Md
Dwarf Lily Bulb
4 Leaf Clover Dwarf – Clump
Hairgrass – Clump
Hygro Compacta
Micro Sword
Giant Micro Sword – Clump
Dwarf Onion Plant
Green Tiger Lotus
A. Barteri On Wood
Dwarf Baby Tears On Mat 3X3
Dwarf Baby Tears On Rock
Anubias On Rock
Monte Carlo On Mat 3X3
A. Frazeri – Potted
A. Hastifolia – Potted
A. Nana Petite – Potted
A. Nangi – Potted
Dwarf Sag – Potted
Wisteria – Potted

… these amazing animals and so many more are already available. I’ll see you at The Studio!