Saltwater Restock

Greetings Fellow Fish Enthusiasts,

Saltwater restock list!!!

Saltwater Fish:
Mysteri Wrasse
Cleaner Bicolor Wrse (Indo) Md
Cleaner Gold Wrasse (Indo)
Two Spot Blenny
Purple Firefish Goby Lg/Xl
Mandarin Green Goby Md
Mandarin Spotted Goby Sm
Watchman Yellow Goby Md
Twin Spot Goby
Rainford Goby
Red Head Goby
Tiger Shrimp Goby
Bella Goby
Starry Blenny Sm/Md
Starry Blenny Lg
Porcupine Puffer Md
Scopas Tang (Indo) Sm
Six Line Wrasse (Indo)
Yellow Coris Wrasse (Indo) Sm
Eight Line Wrasse
Borbonius Anthias Sm/Md
Anthias:Lyretail Orange Female :: Central Pacific
Blennies:Panamic Barnacle :: West Americas
Cardinals Aquacultured:Kaudern’s, Banggai :: South Asia
Gobies:Firefish :: Eastern Asia
Tangs:Bristletooth Whitetail Yellow-Eye :: Central Pacific
Wrasses:Leopard Black :: Central Pacific

Saltwater Invertebrates:
Halloween Hermit Crab Lg
Cleaner Shrimp Md
Tiger Shrimp
Chocolate Chip Starfish Sm/Md
Crabs:Emerald :: East Americas
Crabs, Hermit:Zebra :: West Americas
Crabs, Hermit:Blue Leg, Dwarf :: East Americas
Crabs, Hermit:Red Tip :: West Americas
Shell, Snails:Conehead Algae Eater :: East Americas
Shell, Snails:Cerith :: East Americas
Shell, Snails:Bumble Bee :: Central Pacific
Shell, Snails:Nassarius :: West Americas
Shell, Snails:Margarite :: West Americas
Shell, Snails:Spiral Top, Trochus :: West Americas
Stars:Chocolate Chip :: Eastern Asia
Urchins:Pincushion :: East Americas
Urchins:Pincushion, Tuxedo, Red :: Eastern Asia

… and so much more already available! I’ll see you at The Studio!