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Product Description

The Tisbe Biminiensis commonly referred to as  “Tisbe Pods” is our most popular copepod. The versatility these pods provide are second to none. When looking for a “pod” for your mandarin, scooter blenny, or any other copepod eating fish, this is typically what you’re looking for. 

  • Package Size: 16 oz
  • Max Culture Density: 412 ind/mL
  • Order: Harpacticoid Habitat: Benthic
  • Included life Stage: Egg, nauplii, copepodites, egg bearing females.
  • 100% Aquacultured
  • Bag Density: 9 +/- 3 ind/mL

Diet Advantage: Excellent source of highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA), high in n-3 fatty acids.

Reef Advantage: High fertility, short gestation period, high fecundity, resistant to parameter swings, consumes detritus.

Tisbe Biminiensis species is great for dragonents (mandarins, scooters), pipefish, seahorses, and other marine animals with special feeding requirements.

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